Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have wonderful news! A photograph I had recently taken just won in a photo contest for its "composition and illusion of depth" according to the photo contest announcers at Photo Laureattes. Though it may not be such a coveted title it's nice to just be recognized. Eventhough I'm not buying the album it'll be published in, it was a little something that made my day!

So I did try out the miracle juice called Kyani and despite my first impressions and doubts I am well convinced that this product is HOT! I am amazed at how I could remember things more and my vision improved. I was so convinced by the product that I managed to snag the title of distributor. oooh ahh. Not so much to make money on this product but to help other people out like my aunt's mother who has alzeihmer's and my mom who has arthritis and my aunt who has diabetes. I am so thankful to John Nonog who introduced me to this impressive product. So I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to be healthy and stay healthy. It even helps with slowing down aging which is good for me :) I can keep my 25 look forever! LOL