Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! So this year, I'm staying home and passing out candy, but not before I got this cute picture of my neighbors as they were off to go around the neighborhood to take their kids trick or treating and Snow White made a guest appearance....

Here's my small attempt at creating something visually stimulating with the popular brand of skin care called Burt's Bees. This is a sample bag that I picked up at the market. I played around with it a little. What I came up with is this. I guess, it could be used for a small print ad or maybe as an additional photo in a brochure. The light is very simple, just window light. I tried to add some fill flash but it just didn't give off the same color saturation. I just worked with composition and leading lines and a touch of photoshop :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kyani --- the new miracle juice?

In hopes of maintaining good health, I am currently trying out a product a friend of mine introduced to me called Kyani. It's a antioxidant-rich fruit from Alaska and it's suppose to improve your overall health and living. I did some research on this product and it sounds impressive, we'll have to see about that in a week or so. I'll post my reviews then.
If you want to check out more of Rick & Carmen's Engagement pictures... go to

The Engagement...

It's nice to get back into photography again. After experiencing a lull, well an extensively long lull, and coming back from a military deployment in Africa it sure fired me back up to shoot again. Then when I saw a mentor's blog site called 31 days-31 photos, I was sure-fired I had to have one of those too. Even if I can't get myself to shoot every day, I would attempt for a weekly shoot. It was my turn to take the challenge. To start off with, I went for something easy and fun, here is a recent engagement I shot with a friend in Laguna Beach. This couple, Rick & Carmen, were great to work with. They were really flexible and easy going. We shot them right next to the rocks with waves almost drenching us as we tried to complete the shoot. And yes, it was getting a tad bit too cold for my African climated blood but it was still a great day to shoot!