Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Engagement...

It's nice to get back into photography again. After experiencing a lull, well an extensively long lull, and coming back from a military deployment in Africa it sure fired me back up to shoot again. Then when I saw a mentor's blog site called 31 days-31 photos, I was sure-fired I had to have one of those too. Even if I can't get myself to shoot every day, I would attempt for a weekly shoot. It was my turn to take the challenge. To start off with, I went for something easy and fun, here is a recent engagement I shot with a friend in Laguna Beach. This couple, Rick & Carmen, were great to work with. They were really flexible and easy going. We shot them right next to the rocks with waves almost drenching us as we tried to complete the shoot. And yes, it was getting a tad bit too cold for my African climated blood but it was still a great day to shoot!

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